To Infinitea and Beyond

Mumkin chai?Hello readers,

I’m going to take a brief moment to explain the title of my blog: there isn’t one. Feel free to read into it, make one, or don’t. Simply, I like tea. Sometimes a full cup is a good cup, other times an empty cup is just as pleasant as it has already been enjoyed. Tea invites people together all over the world, so now I invite you to follow me here on this journey that is most definitely going to involve tea.

Warning: poor tea-related puns are guaranteed.

Having said that, in less than 36 hours I will be on a plane to Chengdu, China. I keep asking myself, “When does the journey actually begin?” Is it when I arrive, or when I leave? When I said goodbye to my family, or when I say hello to new friends? The only answer that I have come to is that it already began, most likely when I wasn’t paying attention. I suppose it often happens that way. Now my goal is to stay present so that I don’t return home with 1,000 useless pictures and a sticker saying “China.” I’ve been guilty of that far too many times.

I do know for certain that I have been waiting my whole life for this moment, or something like it. In all honesty I go back and forth between “YES! This is amazing!” and “Oh, no…what have I done.” However, I was given a quote by a friend yesterday that reminded me, fear is not a good enough reason to keep you from doing something amazing:

“I am not afraid…I was born to do this.”

-Joan of Arc

Until the next time,


3 Replies to “To Infinitea and Beyond”

  1. Ashley, this is so true! Fear has only one object in the life of believers – God. And that fear is a healthy respect that He IS God and we are NOT. Other than that, fear is most often the absence of faith in God to see you through the pain, trial, temptation or struggle. I’ve found that God will often take us to the things we fear in life to help us replace them with faith. You’re on a journey of faith and China is simply a new chapter with new people, circumstances and challenges which will test and grow your faith in him. Every blessing as you step out on faith again. I’m on a plane from Miami to Dallas and home tonight. Would be great to have a transform you go! Troy

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    1. Troy,

      That would have great! However, I’m staying with family overnight in the city in hopes that I can sleep a little extra. I’m not sure it will happen though, I’m pretty excited!



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