There’s always that moment with tea where you have to wait for it to steep. It’s an art that I haven’t quite gotten the hang of. The time is different for black tea than it is for green and so on. The one thing they all have in common is the waiting part. 

That’s about where I am right now, steeping. Soaking in what’s around me and trying to let it sink in. It helps that the air here is constantly wet. Some days I do feel like I’m in a boiling kettle. 

Now, the bit that challenges me most is the waiting. Currently we (all 50+ interns) are having orientation at Sichuan Normal University, but come Sunday we will be sent to different schools in pairs. I’m really looking forward to that moment, so naturally it’s difficult to stay in the moment. 

However, I quite like it here. The people really are incredibly friendly, and the city is such that things are within walking distance. The whole place is covered in green, even the place we’re staying (which they call a hotel) is wrapped in ivy. Nature is just allowed to do its thing. Below is a view from our “hotel” overlooking the courtyard, where you can just barely see a bench. 

Friends, family, and followers, please feel free to like and comment as you please. Know that it is much easier for me to update you all via this blog than to text or message each of you individually.
That’s all for now!


2 Replies to “Steeping”

  1. Steeping???? Don’t you mean sleeping? Nothing like good tea to put you to sleep. Do they have sweet tea over there? It does look beautiful. Have you located the Nike factory while you are steeping? I am proud of you and Love you 10-4 that. Over and out.


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