Piggybacking off of my previous post, I am going to continue my hobbit-related theme as I am running dry on tea puns. Sad, really…

I’m sure by now you have wondered what it is I’m eating. Or perhaps you haven’t…either way I will now inform you. Here in China they eat lunch quite early, around 11:30 and dinner comes fairly early as well, at 5:30. Fortunately I don’t have to cook every meal, as I have access to the faculty cafeteria. However there are some days I do want to make my own food (I find slicing vegetables somewhat therapeutic) in which case it looks a bit like this:


There is also a third option. Near campus is what students call “The Village,” where there are enough food vendors to put you in a food coma just by thinking about it. When I head down there it looks more like this:

 I also look like an idiot because I’m probably the only person in a 10 mile radius taking pictures of my food. All the same, these dumplings are quite scrumptious!

Until next time!


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