Mr. Golden Sun

Since being in China I have adopted two key phrases that one should live by as it makes your experience more pleasant:

  1. No hesitation!
  2. You have to really want it.

On most occasions they are interchangeable. For a moment imagine a road with about 6 lanes – or maybe it’s 10, I lose count – and unless the light is blatantly red the cars do not stop, nor do the tuktuks, electric scooters, bicycles, mopeds, or motorcycles. Needless to say there is a constant flow of traffic, and people consistently walk into the middle of it. Now, as a foreigner this  strikes me as being both odd and dangerous. However I always come back to one question: how badly do you want to cross the street? The answer is usually “pretty badly.” It is at that moment when I quickly stride across the pavement shouting “no heasitation” in my mind…or out loud, it really depends on the day. Of course playing chicken isn’t the only instance my China-survival phrases come into play; the list gets longer everyday.  

For example, how bad do you want it:

  • Pizza – not bad enough
  • Coffee – is this even a question?
  • Internet – refer to the above response
  • Cultural experiences – yes, why else would I go to China?
  • These are just to name a few, but admittedly it usually revolves around food.

Then there are those few things, and it doesn’t matter how bad you want them you just have to be patient and wait. Like waiting to see a blue sky and sunshine. It was a surprise I was not expecting, which made it even sweeter to savor. This is the first I’ve seen of it in two weeks, so pardon my excessive photos. The first two photos are my apartment by the way.


Until next time!


3 Replies to “Mr. Golden Sun”

  1. So good to see your picture. Granny is so happy for you. Beautiful pictures and I am sure the surroundings are spectacular and some breath taking. Enjoy the moment !!😍. Saw your Mom today and she helped me with your blog,thank you for sharing your journey with us. Love u


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