Additional Phrases, Fancies, and Funny Things


(the above photo was taken two weeks ago in front of the Panda Base, but I didn’t get it until recently)

As mentioned previously, I’ve adopted and heard so many odd sayings since being here. Things that literally have no other context than travel, or life overseas. For example, my VPN has almost become a real person. I frequently talk to it. It is only when my VPN is connected that I can Google, or check Facebook…or even blog for that matter. Frequently I have to change the location it is connecting to in order to maintain it. Some of the things I find myself saying to it include:

  • Don’t quit on me Tokyo!
  • C’mon Hong Kong!
  • Where are you Los Angeles?

Other bits and bobs:

  • “Is it nice?” – In other words the British way of asking if something tastes good. I suppose the alternative question would be “Does it bite?” Which might actually be a fair inquiry here…
  • “You Cannae Shove Your Granny Off the Bus” – Apparently it’s supposed to be a Scottish children’s song. You just have to watch it for yourself…it’s forever stuck in my head.
  • “Have you seen Laura?” – Just last night I discovered a spider. I’m not talking a nice garden spider either…the thing was larger than my hand. We assume she is dead now, because we sprayed her with Raid, and we haven’t seen her since; but again who knows? Konrad was rather fond of the thought of her, despite not having met her, and thus named her Laura Jenkins. I’ve found myself missing Laura today.IMG_0733
  • “It will give you…wish face.” – I don’t even know how to begin with this one. Jonny went to the supermarket and I guess a lady tried to sell him some facial product…now we reference it all the time and still have no idea what it is actually for. Need to impress your boss? WISH FACE! Meeting your girlfriend? WISH FACE! Basically….wish face. You can see from our attempts at drawing each other on the white board that Fiona has a very severe case of wish face.
  • And then there is the VERY famous, VERY well-known Singapore lion-fish. I’ve never heard of it. I should probably get out more.


  • Also, quite recently Jonny, Konrad, André, and I all experienced five minutes of fame in China….on the board announcing the foreign teachers to the new students anyway. It counts for something.IMG_0711

Until next time!


IMG_0725 This beauty was taken today at Guihu park near central Xindu. Quite lovely. Best of all it was free to go.

3 Replies to “Additional Phrases, Fancies, and Funny Things”

  1. Ash I really enjoy your writing and the pics………..I guess I am trying to say I enjoy your blog! Had a great time at your mothers and Jeff’s………Trying to get up off her couch gave me wish face!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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