Filled to the Brim.

It was brought to my attention today that you might be wondering what I’ve been doing, other than obsess over the rare moments of sunshine (which we experienced once again today).   

 I told everyone I came here to teach, but from all the posts I’m sure it just looks like I’ve been a tourist. It might just be easiest to admit that both are true.

 I definitely looked like a tourist while snapping a shot of el Ché, which is curiously painted on the student gate leading off campus; he looked so ravishing in the sunlight though.

But to answer the concern, I begin teaching tomorrow. The Chinese system works a bit differently, so although students have been in school for two weeks already, the classes I’ve been given don’t start until the 3rd and 6th weeks. Thus, tomorrow will be the beginning of week three.

Am I excited? A little.

Am I nervous? Yes.

 Do I know what I’m doing? Sorta…I did spend the day finalizing lesson plans.  

Having said all that, today was simple, uneventful, calm, and I truly relished each moment. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that really fill you up, like glorious sunshine and lesson planning and short blog posts full of color!

Until next time.




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