Welcome back to The Emptea Cupfull.

Despite the change in appearance this is still the same blog. I have put a lot of time into customizing the page so that your viewing experience might be more pleasant. Also, I wanted to incorporate my own images into the background and header design rather than using the sample images provided. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the previous photos, but I always knew they would be temporary. It has just taken me a while to figure out the customization process.

As always, thank you for reading!

The featured photo on this post was taken while sitting at the OKC airport. My count-down timer (via STA Travel) reminding me that my journey was about to begin.


One Reply to “Changes”

  1. Ash love the new blog. Loved the blog about your peeps coming over for supper and how when everybody brings something to the table it is far more beneficial………very well said.

    Anywho the only problem with the page is you cant read the names of the people who posted replies…………Keep taking the pics I love to look at them 10-4 over and out

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