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The Minions are coming, the Minions are coming!!IMG_0884

Just kidding, it’s just the Freshmen here at SWPU. However, the upperclassmen have taken to calling them minions, due the unfortunate choice of uniform color.

So I don’t really feel much like blogging today…but I know that future me will be irritated with present me if too much time passes without having blogged. Having said that, in the last week I have discovered some things you must do to experience China like a local:IMG_0882

1. Go to karaoke…for 5 hours. Apparently this is what the university students do. Other than waste time, I think it’s also counted as being a stress-reliever, or a stress-increaser if you don’t care to sing in front of people. Personally, I told my friends I would not sing, but then people started playing music and it quickly morphed into a shame-free jam session. Poor Jerry bravely took all of us. Anyway, you can reserve a private room, so that it’s just you and your friends, and from there you choose your own songs. I’m not overly keen on going again any time soon, but it was still enjoyable. The karaoke places are ridiculously nice, with marble hallways and chandeliers. Actually…come to think of it, many things here in China look like this…at least on the inside anyway.


2. Get a haircut. I know, it may sound like a bad idea, but it was one of the best things I’ve done since being here. First they wash your hair. Then they spend several glorious minutes massaging your scalp, and after rinse your hair. Then they do the whole thing again, except they massage your neck the second time. Seriously…I would probably pay to have them do that every day. This was all before the guy even went to town on my hair like a barber ninja. He was really good. In the end it cost me USD $4.50.IMG_0875IMG_0874IMG_0873

3. Last but not least, meet someone new, out of the blue. While in my office this afternoon I met a student named Zoey. Turns out we’re actually the same age and have many of the same interests: traveling, hiking, running, Tibet, linguistics, the list goes on. We chatted for probably 2-3 hours, and it’s the first time since being here that I’ve just naturally made a friend. It was so very needed.

Until next time!



Featuring the new hair cut.

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