My Flatmate, Totoro


Lily and Helga.

IMG_1859When I first walked into my apartment it was nothing more than bare, white walls begging me to bring life to their surfaces. Since that time I have acquired a few things that make it feel more like someone lives here. The things I bring in tend to have a life of their own in some capacity. Take the plants in the picture for example. They are Lily and Helga. Lily, being a lily plant, I bought when I got here. However, Helga is a survivor from the last resident, Rachel. I’m actually surprised she made it…I think this place was unoccupied for a couple of months.

Another remnant of the last owner is Tom (not pictured). At first I thought Tom was a broken fan, due to the fact that there is no blade, but then I started seeing blade-less fans around in other places. Eventually I realized that Tom is not a fan at all, it’s a HEATER! The cool weather is definitely beginning to set in, so naturally Tom and I are becoming very close. I’ve taken to carrying him with me from room to room.

The newest member of flat 410 is none other than Totoro! I don’t know how many of you are familiar with him, but he is everywhere here in China. Unfortunately, his remakes tend to be a little creepy, but when I saw this wind chime I couldn’t say “no.”

Compare this Totoro…

IMG_1858To this one:


I promise he’s not supposed to look so creepy.

In addition to plants, heaters, and wind chimes I’ve been trying to paint or draw something to spice up my apartment, but I feel as though all of my artistic abilities have abandoned me. I suppose it’s a result of not practicing…

At any rate it was nice to bust out the paints for an evening.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Until next time!


Yo-ho Yo-ho, a pirate’s life for me.

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