Still Half Full

Things have calmed down lately in light of my PhD class ending, but only marginally. In the meantime I’ve been able to do things, like cook…and contemplate something other than basin climates, like where I’m going in January.

Having said that, I’ve successfully added something else to my fictional “Pinterest Fails” board. I proudly present: 3 ingredient banana pancakes! I promise they tasted loads better than they look. Sadly, there’s only a slight chance of them turning out better if I had made them anywhere other than China. My inconsistent cooking skills will find me no matter where I go…
At any rate, it’s always nice to try something different…or at least other than stir fry.

In other news, today concluded the first day of finals for my PhD students. After learning a lot about coal, my students and I took an awkward family photo…in traditional American fashion, of course.

Sorry, Texas. Everything is actually bigger in China…if you need proof try taking a picture (of a group, scenic spot, or any major attraction) without a selfie stick. You will not get the whole thing, I promise.

Until next time!


Here are some fun, new photos for your enjoyment! 🙂


Paper shadows on the wall.


Baoguong tea time.


Evidence of autumn.


Growing collection.


Best alternative to candles.


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