Imagination: Apply Liberally

Christmas music, fake fire, dragon fruit, coffee. This is China.

Don’t drink coffee after 5 PM. 

I don’t like rules. I usually follow them, but I don’t always like them.However, I have this special ability to find the rules that are actually made of rubber, not steel. They bend. They’re flexible. Sometimes you can completely move them altogether. 

I think it’s time I told you that, despite my numerous tea references, I actually have a huge weak spot for coffee. Sometimes it goes beyond the flavor of the drink itself. Seeing the rich, dark liquid while my hands grasp the familiar shape of a mug. It’s blissful really. All the while that delicious aroma wafts up to your nose until it’s cool enough for you to actually take a sip.

Yeah…I have a problem. My rule on not drinking coffee is almost always made of rubber, when it should actually be made of steel. I always regret it when I make an exception. As I’ve said before, I lack discipline. 

Thus, moments like these, especially the ones after midnight get me to thinking a great deal…they also lead me down endless trails littered with Harry Potter quotes, accompanied by the sentimental soundtracks, especially from Lord of the Rings. 

Speaking of which, I was contemplating heroes today. Again…because I’m done with basin climates.

Now, I am a fan of fiction, both the reading and the writing of it. Sometimes I put a lot of effort into thinking of something original, but I usually give up after about 30 seconds because it’s impossible. There isn’t really any story that’s completely original anymore, and there hasn’t been for centuries. So then I transition to just letting my raw thoughts roll around in my head and linger in curious places. Even if it isn’t new in history, it may spur something for me personally.

Having said that, I thought to myself today: every antagonist is the protagonist of his own story.

It’s a story that’s always there. You just have to zoom out a little to find it. A change in perspective. After all, things are never really as simple as the good vs. evil dichotomy would lead you to believe.

Just a thought.

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” – Sirius Black

Until next time!



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