The Countdown – Gaining Momentum

2 weeks.

6 classes.

18 days.

That is what lies between me and the end of term. The end of my internship. The end of my first attempt to teach.

2 trips.

4 weeks.

33 days.

And an uncountable number of my sister’s tears. That is what lies between me and my return to the Staes. My return to the beginning of a new chapter. My return to what I was escaping in the first place.

I’m more content with the idea now.

There are two levels on which I’m process this.

First, we have level A, which is where the idea of leaving isn’t actually real yet. This is also the level that isn’t aware that Christmas is next week. However, I am far from being in denial…it’s just all so far away in both time and distance. I must admit that I spend a large majority of my time on this level. It’s easier this way, plus I’m not the most nostalgic person in the world.

Then there’s Level B. On this level I encounter pesky thoughts such as: “Hey, you’ll have to pack your life into a suitcase in two weeks, so what are you getting rid of?” or “Did you get that person’s info? You’ll probably never see them again.” Thank you for the reminders, Brain, but it kinda keeps from important things…like grading.

At any rate, it is winding down now faster than ever, and I can’t help but feel that it will only continue to go faster. Simultaneously, I’m ready and then I wonder if I actually am. We’ll see.

Until next time!


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