Days until I am State-side once more.

I cleaned, packed, and left my apartment today. In two weeks’ time I will no longer be an expat, an American living abroad. I will be an American living in her own country. The United States of America.


It’s quite funny to me how these tiny little factors wriggle their way into our lives and before you know it, they define you. I have had the conversation more than once in my life, about who we are is so often described by what we do.

I’m an expat, an artist, a teacher, a student…which means you know that I travel, maybe paint, teach, study. All verbs.

When I get back, two of those things will not be on the list anymore. Does that mean I reevaluate who I am? 

I should think not, although self-evaluation has its place. 

I also wonder what it means for this blog. In some ways I can’t believe that it has done this well outside of my friends and family. I fully intend to continue it, but I did start it as a travel blog…or better yet the memoirs of a just graduated, inspired young adult who became an expat without really knowing what an expat is but jumped in with two feet and got unexpectedly homesick…and now she really likes rice.

Yeah, I think that sums it up.

Anyway I ask myself, what am I going to write about when I get back? Will anyone even read it?

The answer to the first question comes with a discovery I have made in the last five months. So I’m going to tell you a secret: the material that has fueled my thoughts and words for this blog have not come from living in China…

…but rather just by living in general. Travel may be a great teacher, but experiencing life by jumping in with both feet no matter where you are is always a reward in and of itself. 

When I think about that, the second question sort of fades away. My mom in all her wisdom reminded me the other day to just be authentic. So I will. 

Until next time!


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