Two-thousand and Sixteen

First I would like to say: HAPPPY (belated) NEW YEAR!

Despite not having any pictures to document the momentus occasion, it was full of friends, Lord of the Rings, karaoke, and good food. Just as the Battle of Helms Deep reached its climax we welcomed 2016 in with a round of “Auld Lang Syne.” Aside from the power going off at karaoke, nothing too exciting happened, but it was one I will look back on fondly.

As per usual, it did get me thinking…

I know the new year is supposed to be filled with hopes and dreams, goals and opportunities. For many people, it’s a time to start fresh.

However, this year I am struck by the reality that it is just another day. Another day that the sun came up and went down. There is no real evidence of it’s passing other than on a man-made drawing of boxes used to make the passing of time quantifiable and regulated. We call it a calendar. Whether it is based on the sun or on the moon that’s what it is. Undoubtedly an ingenious invention, one that allows us to wrap our heads around the infinite concept of time and its passing, but a piece of paper all the same.

You turn the page, or maybe go buy a new one to start a new month. Still, things are more or less the same. Unless you have a New Year’s resolution that you’re actually going to keep…or better yet, start.

It may sound like I’m being a complete and total party pooper to the fact that it is a new year because…well, I am. I began to think about how resolutions are goals to better one’s self, sometimes for the sake of others. Sometimes just for the sake of it. 

Gandhi is quoted as saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


Do you wish to see a thinner world? A more muscular one? Or perhaps you want to see a world that has more money? If we’re being honest these are pretty typical resolution topics.


What about a kinder world? A more compassionate one? A world where people are actively seeking peace, rather than apathetically doing no harm (another blog post in an of itself).

I don’t think I have ever heard anyone ever say that their New Year’s resolution was to be kind, compassionate, or anything of the sort. Perhaps because of inherent problem within a resolution of this kind: it is not so easily measured. For weight loss you just get a scale and you can track it. Easy enough. Plus there are a dozen salespeople ready to tell you which one you need in order to be happy with your experience.

Anyway, just some food for thought on this third day of the new year!

Until next time!


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