Step 1: Kangding

January 5,2016
Today I reek of woodsmoke and coffee.

Don’t worry…it could be worse.  
Here at 8,000 feet Alex and I rest our heads in the capital of the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Region, Kangding (altitude 8,000 ft). This is the last stop for strong coffee, ATMs, and beautiful strawberries. However it is only the first stop of many for mountains, prayer flags, and yaks.
We stopped here only to get acclimatized. It’s only going to go up, and become more rural so we’re enjoying a few creature comforts before we get to all that. 
Since it’s offseason for traveling out this direction many of the hostels are closed, which means finding accommodations is going to be more difficult. However, we’re staying at the Konka International Youth Hostel. I’m pretty sure there are only three other people besides us. 
Despite the added difficulty, you do get to do things that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in the summer months.
Like hike up to frozen waterfalls.

We met a guy at the hostel who is just backpacking around China scoping out the best place to start a business for outdoor activities, which brought him to Kangding and consequently is how we ended up with a free tour to the frozen falls.
It’s been a nice starting point, but we don’t want to linger too long in any one place. This trip has only just begun!
One more thing! Alex and I have vowed to take a selfie every day so we can see how much of a mess we are by the end. Just kidding, we just want to document where we have been. So look forward to that! 🙂
Until next time!

Day 1:    

Day 2:

Day 3:  

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