“I’m gonna nail this adult thing!!”

-Said no one that I know…

However, that did not keep me from thinking it. Just now.

It has been about a month since my return from China and I am excited to say that I have received and accepted a job offer from an organization I think highly of. Specifically I will be working in a local community context in a place that I have begun to realize is near and dear to my heart: Oklahoma City. A few short days after I being offered this job and here I am thinking I’m gonna “nail it.”

Dangerous thoughts for a newly employed, just-returned-from-abroad graduate. Idealistic, yes. Dangerous, yes.


Because life throws a lot of curve balls. You don’t have to be employed full-time and have children to know that’s true. Things happen.

Your tire blows out and you can’t just fix it with a patch this time. Your dog eats your shoes. You have to take that ridiculous exam (the GRE) in order to apply for graduate school. Oh yeah, and the application for grad school costs money on top of all of that.

Remember how I said I’ve been back for less than a month? Well, all of the above things have happened since then too. It can be overwhelming and frustrating to handle them when you aren’t employed and live with your parents. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents. At the same time it is difficult to feel like I’m functioning as an adult under their roof.

In light of these events I’m increasingly aware that no one ever figures out the “adult” thing. As a wise professor recently told me, it’s just a series of winging it.

So having said all that, I wish you happy adulting today whether you are in your 20’s or your 50’s (or beyond).

Until next time!


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