One Year Later

365 days ago I began a journey.

365 day ago I got on a plane bound for Chengdu, China.

365 days ago I thought “no turning back now.”

Then, “what the hell have I done…?”

As I boarded, I remember thinking I couldn’t flip a U-ie, no oops, no nothing. I was en route for the other side of the world and despite being stuck in my situation, knowing there was no going back, I was free.

Liberated from doing what was “right” or conventional.

Of course, I was on a plane for 16+ hours, so I had plenty of time to work out all the inner turmoil.

Anyway, 365 days later, and I’m due for another adventure…

…in 5 days.

That is all that stands between me and the next departure.

Pizza anyone? #chicagobound

Until next time!


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