The Secret Life of Working

Some days I feel like a blindfolded two-year-old was given a permanent marker and instructed to draw a life map for a random adult in this world.

On the wall.

Lucky enough, that “random adult” was none other than me.

Good job, two-year-old, I’m confused. You win.

In normal childcare this would be the point where I set the child in timeout until their guardian comes. Unfortunately, there’s no parent coming. Unless you count my own mother who occasionally appears to remind me of things like “you can always take the marker away.”

It’s like a train wreck, you can’t look away.

Or maybe you can, but honestly I’m curious and want to see how it plays out.

I know some people out there make a living off of traveling and writing. Others just live very simply, but the rest of you on instagram and behind the blogs, I know you have a full time job. I catch snippets of it in your content.

I have a question for you: how are you doing it?

How do you travel and continue to work? Does your work satisfy you? Do you feel you always have to choose between one or the other? Are we all secretly Batman on social media and Bruce Wayne at our day jobs?

Except that he didn’t exactly have a day job being wealthy and all, but you get my point!

Some days I feel like I need to hear that voice of balance between the adventure junkies and what they actually do.

You people who adventure for a living, keep going!! But I know you’re not the majority, and for once I’d just like to hear something from people like…well, me.

Until next time.


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