Meet the Wanderer


Welcome to the Emptea Cupfull,

There are no guarantees here, with one exception: I will be nothing but genuine in what I write.

Really, that’s all I’ve got to offer. I’m happy to do so.

I have been a student, I have been a teacher, I have been a social worker, and the only thing I know for certain is that every day on this earth I am human. A quirky, eccentric one at that. If things get a bit goofy, laugh. If they get deep or philosophical, I invite you to join me. That’s why the Emptea Cupfull is here. After all tea is better when shared with another.




Note: Unless otherwise stated all photos and words are my own. Also, if you would like to creep on my previous musings (because I did have an interesting life before China), feel free to check out the discontinued It is where my journey of blogging began…and it is obviously apparent when you look at it.

4 Replies to “Meet the Wanderer”

  1. Hello Wanderer. Being an adventurer is one thing – there seems to be thousands of them out there – but folks who can write about it well seems to be more rare. I’ve been enjoying your musings, and find myself in a position to pass a Liebster Award nomination to you. I hope you accept, I bet you’d have some interesting thoughts and blog recommendations.


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